October 7, 2012

Different Types of Diaper Bags to Choose From

The list of things that need to be bought before a baby is born is quite long, as any expectant mother knows. Some of the items on this list are absolute essentials while others are optional. Some are big ticket items that you really need to save for while others can be purchased quite easily.

One of the most important items that should never be forgotten in this list is a diaper bag. Contrary to what its name suggests, a diaper bag contains so much more than just diapers. It is also meant to carry the baby's clothes, feeding bottles, formula, toys, bibs and so many more. As a matter of fact, a good diaper bag should be able to contain everything that a baby needs whenever leaving the house.

Just a couple of decades ago, there was basically just one kind of baby bag that you could buy. This was the rectangular-shaped shoulder bag that came in either pink or blue, usually decorated with baby prints - rattles, ribbons, booties, and other such cutesy patterns.

These days, some people still like buying these traditional bags but most parents are looking for something more modern and stylish. Fortunately, diaper bag manufacturers have already responded to this demand and so there are now many different types of diaper bags that new parents can choose from. Of all the styles available, there are three that currently stand out: tote bags, backpacks and sling bags.

Diaper tote bags are probably the most fashionable, usually resembling the most fashionable designer handbags. In fact, there are many designer brands of diaper tote bags for the hip mom. Without a doubt, these are the trendiest baby bags that you can buy. The only problem is that they don't have a lot of compartments so it's possible for the baby's stuff to get all jumbled up inside the bag.

Backpack-style baby bags are also very popular because they work not only for moms but for dads as well. They are also very easy to carry around because your hands can be kept free, plus they also have many pockets and compartments for organizing your baby's things.

Finally, sling bags are the newest craze when it comes to diaper bags. They look a lot like messenger bags, which make them suitable for dads who don't want to use those traditional pastel-colored diaper bags. Sling bags also have several compartments for easy storage.

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