August 29, 2012

Warnings Pertaining to Buying Baby Clothing

One thing every parent has in common is they want their child to be safe. Every stage of a child's life is important, but when the child is a baby or newborn, parents tend to be extra cautious. Buying infant gift sets on wholesale is a great way for resellers to invest, subsequently leading to parents and families purchasing baby clothing at retail value. Parents need to be extra careful when receiving these gifts or when buying retail clothing for toddlers on their own because a few things need to be looked out for that parents might not know about. This article will cover two big warnings often overlooked when buying infant clothing, which include recalled and used baby clothes.

Recalled Baby Clothes

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission's website has a list of baby clothing or gear that has been recalled. Even Disney had over 6,000 Disney character sweatshirts recalled because there was lead in their zipper. What other reasons could clothing be recalled? Well, there are a number of reasons, including lead in zippers, strings that could be considered as choking hazards, or snap buttons coming off which was the case for Weeplay Kids' Carter bodysuits and one pieces.

Used Baby Clothes

For the parents who are on a budget, used baby clothing is a great way to save money. Veteran parents who are recycling their previous children's clothing should not have many problems because they know where it's coming from. Parents might be buying clothing from retailers or ads leading to reseller sites, and need to be careful doing so. Parents should have a checklist ready for whomever they are buying from. Some of the things parents should keep in mind include how thoroughly the fabric was washed before it was delivered or bought, if there are any missing pieces in the clothing, and what type of fabric it is for washing purposes. If parents are responding to ads, and the seller cannot answer any of these questions, it would be better to look somewhere else. If, however, the parents are receiving hand-me-downs from friends or family they can trust, there should be no need to ask these questions, but it might be safe to wash the clothes before using it, just in case.

Being a parent can be stressful because there are so many things to look out for. If a parent does encounter a problem with the baby clothing they received from a retailer that purchased an infant gift set on wholesale, they should immediately discontinue use of the product and contact the supplier. Usually, the store will send free replacements.

August 22, 2012

A Quality Car Seat Will Make That Trip Upcountry an Experience to Remember

Many people do not want to visit upcountry. The reasons for this are not the long hours of driving and the boredom associated with the long hours of driving, the reason is weariness and fatigue associated with these drives. The main cause of this fatigue is the poor quality of car seats installed in many cars. When a car seat is not properly designed by experts, it is bound to bring about weariness of the whole body when you drive for long hours.

When buying a car, you do not easily notice the poor quality seats fitted in the car. The seats could be made of high quality material like leather but the design is poor. When test driving your new drive, you cannot notice the uncomfortable seat due to the excitement associated with the acquisition of your new drive. Most people realize the poor design of the car seat long after they have bought the car. They start complaining of backache, legs and arms pains. These pains are as a result of accumulated hours of sitting on a poorly designed car seat. You could be driving 45 minutes a day but you are no different from that person who drives five hours per day. The only difference between you two is that you will take a bit long before you start complaining of these pains.

If you unknowingly acquired a car with poorly designed car seats don't worry since all is not lost. You still have a chance to right what went wrong. All you need to do is take your time to shop for the best car seats for your car. By shopping around, you will definitely come across high quality seats that are designed to let you comfortably drive for long without cases of body pains. The best thing about shopping today is that you do it at the comfort of your living room or office. With a personal computer that has an internet connection, you can shop for high quality seats for your car from the internet.

When you have fitted your car with the best booster seat, you will definitely enjoy that trip upcountry no matter the number of driving hours are involved. When your back, legs and hands are catered for by a well designed car seat, your driving experience will be one to remember. You will miss getting into your car and driving for hours.

August 15, 2012

Safety Warnings Regarding Infant Gift Sets and Baby Items

One of the many joys parents have when having children is buying cute baby items that retailers purchased on wholesale. Families and friends also often have a fun time buying infant gift sets for their expecting friend. One thing everyone needs to keep in mind when buying infant gift sets is the child's safety. Children, especially newborns, are very curious and like to play with or suck on things they should not be handling.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) made a list of what threats certain toys and product can present, including choking, strangulation, suffocation, aspiration, electrical, thermal, drowning, poisoning, falls, and miscellaneous. Some of these obviously refer to house safety and what parents should do to childproof their house. Some of them refer to baby items often found in infant gift sets, and this article will describe toys or products that are hazardous because of choking, strangulation, or poisoning.


Some baby items that have been placed on a safety-warning list include smaller balls, marbles, rattles, and crayons. Infants and newborns are known for being curious and sucking or chewing on anything they can get their hands on. Crayons, especially imported ones, have the potential to have lead in them, which could cause serious health damage. Marbles and balls can easily be swallowed, so the CPSC required balls smaller than 1.75 inches to require special labels. The CPSC also requires rattles be bigger than the average child's mouth so they have no chance of swallowing them and getting them stuck in their throats.


There are the obvious products that pose strangulation threats, such as strings, cords, necklaces, window cords, wall decorations, crib toys, and so on. Some of the more surprising baby items that create a strangulation possibility include: toy chest lids, baby strollers, baby gates, and playpens. Toys and items that can be wrapped around the neck are not the only things needing to be considered. Parents also need to remember that things like toy chest tops can fall on a baby's neck, or a baby can stick their head in baby gates that have diamond shaped openings and get stuck. It is the little things like these that parents need to be extra-cautious about.


Parents should already have knowledge of the household chemicals they need to keep safeguarded and locked away. Some things they might be surprised to learn about that they should be careful about are things that could contain lead, like the crayons that were mentioned previously. Lead can cause some serious health problems, including permanent hearing and vision problems, learning disabilities, and growth impairment.

There are a number of things that parents, especially new ones, need to worry about with their child. Parents should consult the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's website if they have more questions, or are uncertain about a baby item they received in an infant gift set.

August 8, 2012

What Are the Popular Styles for Baby Clothes?

When new parents, or friends and family of parents (for a baby shower) are shopping, there are many things they need to consider buying, including burp cloths, towels, diapers, and baby clothes. These are a few of the things often found in infant gift sets that retailers purchase on wholesale. For new parents, all of the different styles and options of these items can get confusing. This article will cover the four most popular styles of baby clothes that are often found in infant gift sets, and that are given by friends and families: body suits, one pieces, baby gowns, and baby clothing sets.

Baby Body Suits

Infant body suits are probably the most preferred by parents because they are so easy to use. These pieces are often described as a long t-shirt held together by snap buttons. The snap buttons make them super easy to change the infant's clothes and change their diaper because there are separate bottom snaps. For the parents who are on a budget, there are the generic styles of body suits called snapsuits, babygrow, babygro, mameluco, diaper shirts, and creepers.

One Piece

A one piece is often referred to as "sleep n' plays," sleepers, or footsies, depending on the type of one piece the customer is searching for. They are similar to body suits in that they use snap buttons and are one piece of material, hence the name. They differ from infant suits mostly in their look. While baby suits look more like a leotard with or without sleeves, the one piece looks more like adult clothing with pants and sleeves. Some styles also come with "footies" attached or detached, but sold with the product. These pieces of clothing are great because there are many different patterns that can be used for daytime or nighttime.


The description of this item should be obvious; they are one piece of material that has an opening at the bottom with elastic to provide warmth for the infant's feet while he or she sleeps. While this piece of clothing may seem like it is geared more towards female children, there are designs that make it gender neutral. Parents love this piece because there are no snaps or zippers to get in the way of a quick diaper change.

Outfit or Clothing Sets

This set of clothing is more for the fashion conscious parent that's more concerned how their child looks than having something quick and convenient. This is because this set will come with many different options, including a combination of baby suits, pants, shirts, and footies. All pieces come in matching styles suited for boys or girls.

There are so many style options and resources for baby clothes sold at retail. Hopefully, this article has eased some of the stress or worries of parents, as well as families and friends who are buying baby clothing for their expecting friends, or retailers purchasing infant gift sets at wholesale.

August 1, 2012

Buy Booster Car Seats at the Comfort of Your Room

Booster car seats are seats designed to help you drive safely with your child. They are elevated seats that are fitted in your car for the purpose of holding the baby safely during the drive. The seats are fitted with belts similar to the normal car safety belts, which help hold the baby on the seat throughout the drive. The seat is created with high quality material and with the state of the art technology to absorb any shock that could be generated by the car. The child does not feel any impact, whether from the sides or from the bottom.

The best thing about these state of the art safety seats for the children is that they can be bought from the internet. As a parent you do not have to find time in your tight schedule to go shop around for the best booster car seats. All you need is to shop in the internet, place orders and make payment. After the transaction is complete, the seat will be shipped to you if the terms of sale say so. With this kind of shopping, what other excuse can one have for not ensuring the safety of their child? You do your shopping at the comfort of your living room or office and the seat will be coming your way.

The best thing about online shopping for booster car seats is the convenience involved. Convenience brings about cost and time savings. You are able to easily compare prices and features of the different seats available before you settle for one. If you were not doing it online, you would be forced to move from one baby items shop to another comparing the seats available and their prices. This would be costly and time consuming.

Thanks to the internet and the World Wide Web, coupled with international payment agents like Visa, people from all corners of the world have a fair playing ground in terms of market. Provided you have an internet connection, you can shop order and pay for the boaster car seat of your choice. Within a few days of your ordering, the seat will be in your country. The duration between ordering and delivery depends on the country of the buyer. The terms of sale are defined during purchase. Some of the terms cover purchases returns and insurance on transit of the booster car seats among others.