October 21, 2012

Why I Love Modern Cloth Nappies

There are so many different reasons why I simply love modern cloth nappies. I remember when I was first introduced to them, going back a few years, and I thought there is no way that I will ever want to use them.

I considered them to be rather dirty and hard to use, but after having tried them for myself I soon grew to appreciate them and have now gone into selling them for myself. I would not sell a product unless I truly believed it worked and would save people money.

There are a few myths about modern cloth nappies that most people think.

Firstly, people think they are hard to use. This is not true, they are actually very easy to use, especially the new styles. These have a pocket design and you simply place the liner inside the pocket and your ready to go. No more using nasty pins that might hurt your baby. These designs are so easy, to use, because they are fully adjustable from birth right up till potty training. The adjustable size modern cloth nappies use a pop button design and have 3 rows going across the nappy which you use to reduce the size of the nappy to fit a newborn baby. As your little ones grows you simply adjust these pop buttons to be larger. The liners will fit from birth right up so there is no need to buy any more liners. You may find that when your baby is first born you will need less liners, but as your baby grows you can always add more to your pocket nappies.

Secondly, people think that modern cloth nappies are going to be messy and hard to clean. They are actually very easy to clean, once the baby has soiled the nappy you simply flush it down the toilet. If the outer layer is dirty you rinse it under water and put it into a dry pale ready for washing. If you find your baby is not doing hard soils, you can also put a flushable liner inside the nappy which will catch most the waste. You then simply flush that down the toilet and rise the outer layer. They are probably just as easy to clean as a normal disposable nappy.

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