October 28, 2012

Comfort For The Infants - Baby Sleepsacks

Babies need to sleep for a long duration every day- almost 16 hours. During sleep, these toddlers need to feel cozy and secure, so that they can sleep peacefully and also not disturb their parents from time to time. For a comfortable sleep, companies have come up with Baby sleepsacks, suited for infants up to the age of 3 years.

A baby sleeping bag can be considered as an ideal baby shower gift. Parents are sure to feel thankful to the person gifting this bag, when they see their baby sleeping soundly. The sleeping bags are available in different colors such as dream blue, khaki, white, cookies and cream and dream pink, which are sure to excite the babies. Three different sizes, namely small, medium and large are also available.

These bags are cocoon shaped, making it convenient for the babies to get in. Babies can wear these bags over regular sleep wear, and do not need to change into any special clothes. Sleeping sacks are lined with quilt from the inside, to keep the infants warm, especially during winter. The material used for making these bags is cotton, which makes it easy for the infants to breathe comfortably.

The baby sacks can be washed inside out in the machines, with similarly colored clothes. Care must be taken not to bleach or iron these. The recommended room temperature is 20-23 degrees C, and the sleeve length of the bag can be adjusted accordingly. Shoulder snaps help the baby to easily wear the bag. Even if infants fall asleep early, they can easily be slipped into the sacks, with the convenient shoulder snap design.

In the past, parents would cover their infants with heavy blankets, to protect them from cold. However, one would often come across stories of babies being suffocated by these blankets, and this problem is known as SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Parents would often not realize the reason for their baby's death, until they found out about this problem. With the advent of light weight sleeping bags, this problem has now been solved, with no blankets to kick off.

By kicking off lightweight blankets, babies may also injure themselves by hitting their limbs into the bars of the crib. Sleeping bags also protect infants from these injuries. It is natural for babies to feel restless at this age, and so adequate room has been provided inside these sacks for moving feet.

Baby sleepsacks, or wearable blankets, are neither too heavy nor too light, so that the infants feel comfortable while wearing these.

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