October 14, 2012

Advantages of Packing Light When Travelling With a Baby

When I gave birth to my daughter a few years ago, I would usually find myself loading up her diaper bag with so much more stuff than she ever really used during our trips. Like many other moms, I figured it was better to always bring along a few extras rather than be caught unprepared for any situation.

However, it didn't take long for me to get really tired of carrying such a big and heavy diaper bag all the time, even if I was just going to do some grocery shopping with my baby. Besides, the time that it took for me to pack all those things was just too long. That was when I began to make some adjustments on how I packed my baby's diaper bag.

First of all, I had to train myself to stop being so paranoid every time I had to leave the house with my child, which I now realize is something that many other new mothers are also guilty of. Of course we need to bring certain things but it's really very improbable that a 2-month-old would need 5 diaper changes or consume 3 bottles of milk during a 30-minute trip downtown.

As soon as I was able to change my way of thinking, I was able to reduce the usual contents of my baby's diaper bag to half of what I used to bring, and I am still able to carry everything that my baby needs during our time outside the house.

One of the obvious advantages of learning how to pack light for baby is that I am no longer as exhausted from carrying around such a heavy weight. If my shoulders could talk, they probably would have thanked me endlessly.

Another advantage is that I can now use some of those really cute and chic diaper bags that have come out in the market in recent years. Before, I was stuck with nondescript bags that were not stylish at all because those were the only kinds that I could find that were big enough to carry everything that I thought I needed to bring.

My daughter is now in school and doesn't need a diaper bag anymore but I am expecting another baby really soon. Now that I know better, I opted to get smaller but more stylish diaper bags, which are quite the trend these days anyway, so I didn't have any problem looking for ones that I really like.

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