September 2, 2012

Activities to Do With Your Toddler During Christmas Break

Nothing like spending the holiday's with family. There's tons of bonding time and togetherness. Sometimes a little too much. After spending a few days with no schedule parents and kids may start to get some cabin fever. Plan some outings and create fun holiday memories! Since it's too cold to head outdoors for too long, here are some great options to consider.

    If you are on a budget, why not head over the local library. I find it a great fun during the winter. The kids can play on the computer, color a picture, do puzzles and pick out some new books and DVD's to take home. Find out if there a scheduled activity or story time. While you may not be able to get your ten year old to go during vacation, toddlers have low expectations and will be thrilled. Call to check the library's holiday schedule before you head out.

    Your local children's museum. Toddlers love hands-on children museums and a lot of them are fabulous! Do an internet search and find the one closest to your house. Most museums can keep the kids busy for quite a few hours.

    Do a craft. Think Build-a-bear workshops, ceramic studios or check out your local craft store for workshop hours.

    Visit a close family friend. Find a friend that you don't have time to reconnect with on a regular basis. Make sure it's one with kids close to your child's age, so your kids will be busy. Make a lunch date at their house, meet at a pizza shop or the local ice cream parlor. Everyone will come home refreshed from spending time with other people outside the family.

    Consider ice skating. This idea is for older toddlers. You will not be able to stay out on the ice long because of the cold - but it makes a great outing. Factor in some hot chocolate time and you'll be set for the afternoon! Call ahead to make sure they have walkers for beginning skaters.

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